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Dalian Han Wei Group invested 1 million to build one million commodity hen proje

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In early September, in Dalian Lushun, a million hen farm announced the opening. This is the Han Wei Group once again set up 35 years after the egg industry efforts. After the completion of the project, Hanwha Group will increase the annual output of eggs by 19,000 tons to meet the consumption of 1 million eggs a year.

According to Mr. Han Jianchu, deputy general manager of Han Wei Group and general manager of Dalian Han Wei Chickens Co., Ltd., Han Wei Group invested a total of 100 million RMB for this project and all adopt the world-leading chicken-raising technology to modernize chickens.

Egg prices in the first half of this year has been running low, why in this case, Han Wei Group to expand its production with a big way? Han Jianchu said that this is the industry reshuffle, the survival of the fittest process. For Han Wei Group such a modern, standardized business, it is an opportunity.

In the future, people's demand for food safety is getting higher and higher. For the Han Wei Group, which has 35 years of experience in laying hens, there is a great future opportunity.

Now the market price of eggs has not been high, Han Wei Group raising another 1 million hens, the laying hen industry will produce what kind of impact? Han said early Han Wei Group 1 million hens per day to about 1 million consumers Providing quality, safe, quality-traceable eggs is a small step we have taken to advance the entire industry standardization and modernization of our hens.

The new chicken farms have a high degree of automation and only need 1 breeder for 110,000 chickens

Hanwei Group's new 1 million hen farms close to the current site of three automated breeding hens, while laying hens outside the farm supporting the construction of an annual output of 100000 tons of feed mill.

Speaking of the new chicken farm planning program, Han Jianchu said that the planning of the new chicken farm, Han Wei Group will further enhance the degree of automation of laying hen, on the one hand the feed produced by the matching feed mill will be closed by the automation equipment Conveyance to the house, not only to ensure feed safety, while saving costs. Newfield's equipment and control system will use the world's most advanced technology, the chicken coop temperature, humidity control, feeding, feeding, cleaning and so on all aspects of the computer data collection and control, to minimize the human The effect of laying hens to ensure a comfortable breeding hens environment, in the best condition to produce good eggs.

New chicken farm planning to build nine chicken coop, each breeding more than 110000 hens, only need a breeder. This single-family farms more than the total breeding of many small and medium-sized farms.

"The fragmented and small-scale industry pattern that predominates farmers and gives the Chinese egg market a crisp, but egg-like condition requires the egg producers, such as" giggle, "to ensure quality and safety, and constantly expand production Scale and market supply. "Han Wei, deputy general manager of the Group, Han Wei, general manager of Dalian Han Wei Chicken Co., Ltd. said.


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