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British chicken

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According to the British "Guardian" website reported January 15, chicken test results worrying, because livestock (poultry) with antibiotic resistance can easily affect human resistance. If human beings suffer from serious illness, life-saving drugs may not be effective.
The British Food Standards Agency took a large sample of fresh whole chicken samples from retailers for testing. The council reported that the proportion of Campylobacter detected over the past ten years "significantly increased", this harmful bacteria resistant to commonly used antibiotics.
According to the report, the bureau warned: "Studies have shown that resistant Campylobacter bacteria are found in fresh whole chicken retail in the United Kingdom, so care should be taken when handling raw chickens and thoroughly cooked to reduce the need for public Health hazards. "
The Guardian revealed in 2014 that the levels of Campylobacter strains in chicken would rise if the processing plants violated health and safety regulations. The Guardian also revealed the presence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in British pork products, another superbug that can be transmitted through infected meat.
The Food Standards Agency also said that the percentage of chicken infected with Campylobacter rose, compared with a 10-year survey of commercially available chicken, which is resistant to the major antibiotic ciprofloxacin.
Reported that expert findings show that the use of antibiotics in farm animals increases the risk of transmission of drug-resistant bacteria and seriously affects human health as the main route of transmission of many drug-resistant strains is through contact with livestock (birds) in the food chain. Although reasonable hygienic practices and thorough cooking can kill bacteria, once inadvertently causing serious infections.
Coyrin Nunan, consultants save the antibiotic Union, told The Guardian: "Government regulations still allow large-scale use of fluoroquinolones in poultry, which is an outrage that 20 years ago the Lords reported that this should be stopped. Even as the United States banned such behavior more than a decade ago due to the increase in relevant scientific evidence, why the British and European governments still refuse to take action?
Reported that Campylobacter can cause malignant food poisoning, severe cases can lead to death. If the strain is resistant to the antibiotics used for treatment, it will be more harmful. The spread of this strain means that more and more infected humans or livestock (birds) need to be treated with the ultimate antibiotic.
Doctors fear that the ultimate weapon in this medicine store will eventually fail. In the face of bacteria that have been defeated before, humans will do nothing.


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