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Yangjiang City, Jiangcheng District officially entered the

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Following the implementation of the province’s implementation of a centralized slaughter of the poultry industry in the province and the implementation of a policy of a monthly rest of the poultry trade market in Guangzhou, Jiangcheng District of Yangjiang City has determined that it will enter the implementation stage of “centralized slaughtering, cold chain distribution, and fresh listing”.
Recently, the Yangjiang City Government issued the "Notice on Implementing Centralized Framing of Poultry", "Farming, Cold Chain Distribution, and Fresh Listing" in the Central City. According to the "Guangdong Provincial Poultry Management and Management Measures" and in combination with the reality of Yangjiang, the densely populated areas in Jiangcheng District were included. Restricted areas of live poultry operations are used to further prevent and control the H7N9 epidemic and increase the level of urban public health security.
The specific business scope is: the junction of the sightseeing north road and Jinshan Road to the south along the Yangjiang River (along the sightseeing north road, sightseeing south road, Hedi Road, Shanwei Road, and Xingang Road), the intersection of Xingang Road and Fukang Road. To the east, the junction of Fukang Road and Jiangnan Road to the north, the junction of Jiangnan Road and Jiangtai Road to the east, the administrative boundaries of Jiangcheng District and Yangdong District to the north, the junction of Jiangcheng District and Yangdong District to the junction of Jinshan Road to the west, Jinshan The area where the road and the North Road interchange meet.
Starting and ending time: The notice is issued until December 31, 2019.
Retaining live poultry retail market: Only three live poultry retail markets such as Jinwan Market, Changyuan Market and Macao Market will be set up in the live poultry restricted area. If the public wants to buy live poultry, they can purchase them in the above three markets.
At the same time, the live poultry wholesale market in the Chengbei Agricultural Products Wholesale Market outside the restricted area shall not be restricted from entering the local market with fresh quarantine and inspection qualified fresh poultry products.
In addition, the reporter also learned that in addition to the live poultry market, the rest of the farmers' markets, supermarkets, food service units, and other types of business premises prohibit chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, cockroaches, and other artificial breeding. The edible poultry can be eaten and slaughtered. Merchants should operate fresh poultry products that meet the requirements of the regulations. For violations of the regulations, the relevant departments will investigate and deal with them in accordance with their respective responsibilities, and the related personnel shall be held accountabl


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