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The market for chicken eggs in the production and sales areas On April 13, 2018

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Beijing Shilongguan Shimen today 152 Dayang Road to the arrival of 7 cars do not take the goods generally 155-150 stability-based. Chaoyang Chifeng got on the train at 145-143. The surrounding area of Jingjintang was mainly 144 Qinhuangdao, and Tangshan 145 rose to Langfang 130. The pink egg is stable and slightly oscillating today. It is expected that the Xinshi Hengshui 142-140 around the Guan Tao 142-143 or so about 150-152 in Hubei streams about 155 Hunan. In other regions, about 3.1% of Red Horse Yuncheng 3.1 Zhumadian.
Guangzhou Red Egg 8 sets of 8 eggs around the earth, red eggs outcry 3.45 about soil eggs outcry 3.45-3.55 around the market to take the goods normally take the general market continues to be stable mainly. Dongguan Red Egg arrives at around 30 sets of outcall prices around 153-154 and about 13 sets of outcry prices around 3.35. The market arrival is still mostly stable.
Today, cartons were taking normal shipments throughout the Northeast, and all regions continued to remain stable. The decentralized market was steadily rising in Beijing today. Estimated black box 2.8-2.7 around, Jilin 3.0-2.9 or so, Liaoning, 2.9-3.0 or so eggs will temporarily update the afternoon of 2.9 pm, Haicheng 2.9 cartons. Liaoning local scattered domestic sales 3.1-3.0 steady increase in Dalian 140-142 rose chaotic price Jinzhou carton 3.15 3.15 rise box up in Jilin scattered about 140-143 Heilongjiang box 3.1-2.9 stable.
Shanghai 89-88 rose Jiangsu market Yancheng Hai'an and other places stable 3.1-3.0 mainly, Shandong Laiyang 3.4 rose Texas 98 rose Heze Cao County 94-93 or so stable Linyin Rizhao Dawei about 3.15 stable Longkou Yujin 3.3 stable Shandong today part of the region again Most of the rise in the region is mainly stable.
Today's national market continues to steadily increase slightly. The main sales area in Beijing and Shanghai rose again and Guangdong is still weak. Although Beijing rose further today, some unexpected surprises continued to be observed in the surrounding box market, but the general response to take the goods slowed down. However, the carton market is still alive today and did not follow Beijing's rise. The Shandong market took a slight slowdown today. To achieve the overall rise, the current round of the national market rose basically completed, it is recommended that you take the opportunity to normal shipping. Most chickens in the phase-out night last year were stable and middling, and the speed of elimination was normal throughout the country. It is recommended that everyone be eliminated. The US soybeans closed lower in the early morning and today's spot market is expected to be stable. Today we recommend that you stock them properly. The corn auction at the national treasury market is still slightly back to the main market, but the market is still limited in the callback. We recommend that you purchase the goods normally. Yesterday, the main contract of egg futures yesterday was mainly oscillating yesterday. However, today's trend still has no substantial rebound but the resistance below is also limited. Today, it is still recommended that long and short-term short-term operations be performed.


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