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Zetor Forterra CL, HSX, HD Overview

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The 96-147 horsepower Zetor Forterra CL, HSX, and HD machines offer a variety of features and options ideal for agricultural applications.Zetor Foreterra HighlightsThe Forterra range tractors are excellent in their robustness and performance. You can find three variants in the Forterra range: The basic Forterra CL is equipped with a four-cylinder engine with a power range of 96 hp to 136 hp and a 24/18 gearbox. Unlike the basic model, Forterra HSX is equipped with a more modern 30/30 gearbox with hydraulic reverser. The highest model Forterra HD offers higher power (up to 147 hp), it has a more robust body, suspended axle and multifunctional control panel.
PerformanceThanks to the combination of a strong engine and the higher weight of the tractor, the maximum performance is achieved under any conditions.
EnduranceForterra models are durable, even at maximum performance. They elegantly combine simple, purposeful and smart design. Zetor Forterra tractors are designed as reliable machines with long life.
Total Cost of OwnershipThe low fuel consumption and reasonably priced spare parts make the Forterra one of the most successful tractors on the market.


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