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Indonesia’s pig farming set to grow double digit

Release Time:2018-05-04  Click:1032

This year is seen to be a ‘golden year’ for Indonesia’s pig farming industry. Phaithoon N Na Ayudhaya, Business Development Advisor at Charoen Pokphand (CP) Indonesia, believes the industry will be able to record double-digit growth. “If we analyse the price curve of live pigs from year to year, this year the price will be good, higher than last year.
And it’s estimated that the national pig population will grow slowly,” he told Asian Agribiz. Mr Phaithoon mentioned that the price of live pigs in Bali and North Sulawesi has improved, while the price in Java is relatively stable. In Jakarta, the price is around USD 2.73/kg. “We see significant improvement in West Kalimantan. The price there in February touched around USD 3.24/kg. It’s because Sujaya Group, the biggest pig producer in the province cut their pig population,” he revealed.


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